Dr. Ferrari Michele

                      P.I. Ferrari Giovanni


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Information Technology Applications and Automation Industrial and Municipal
Research, Development and Systems Integration
KNX for Civil Partner Automation, Plant Domotic
Planning and Design of machines for functional testing of your products
Upgrade of obsolete systems analysis
Video surveillance with Web and Mobile Remote Controll
Creation and maintenance of Customized Websites
Courses Corporate Training and Upgrading



Technosoft was founded in 2004 by the enthusiasm of Dr. Ferrari Michele and experience of P.I. Ferrari Giovanni, and immediately arises as a viable alternative to existing technologies and often obsolete automation market industriare and civilized, showing not only more than adequate technical skills, but also flexibility and adaptability unmatched in the solution of the most complex challenges and arduous the sector in which arises.

The company meets Technosoft since its inception the specific requirements of an ever growing and demanding market in industrial automation and complete "turnkey." Located in the new Veronese low industrial company has for some time now expanded its production capacity with its diverse partnership.

Of which includes engineers for the design, construction, installation and finally the testing of everything that concerns the realization of a project starting from the specific needs of the customer and taking into account all the necessary safety regulations require that, putting the final customer in the condition of having the right systems and functional to their needs.